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Gold Analysis

Metals Analysis

The analysis of gold is crucial in ensuring that products meet the claimed quality standards. Rapid and precise gold analysis is essential for professionals in specialized fields such as science, research, laboratories, and enterprises. Those in the jewelry industry, precious metals trading, and jewelry store ownership can benefit significantly from gold testing machines.

Gold Analysis with Elvatech's Portable Guns

In today’s fast-paced world, there isn’t always enough time to devote to the gold analysis process. Whether you work in the jewelry industry, are a precious metals trader, or a jewelry store owner, you need to ensure that your products meet the declared quality. At times like these, portable gold testing equipment is a valuable resource that can quickly and efficiently analyze your material without unnecessary hassle. Elvatech has long been a leader in the market, offering innovative and reliable analyzers. Our portable guns are comfortable, efficient, and trustworthy. With Elvatech’s guns, you can rest assured that your product’s quality is up to par.

Advantages of Elvatech's XRF Testing Equipment for Gold Analysis

Elvatech’s XRF Testing Equipment offers numerous benefits for analyzing gold:

  • It provides accurate identification and characterization of gold without damaging the material, ensuring safety.
  • It helps prevent dangerous material mixing and identifies unwanted impurities.
  • The analysis results are available within minutes, making it a super fast process.
  • The company collaborates with various international unions for precious metals and ensures compliance with international standards for safety and norms. The equipment is 100% reliable.
  • XRF gold testers are environmentally friendly and pose no harm to food, agriculture, and other industries.
  • Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to transport.

These benefits make Elvatech’s XRF Testing Equipment a clear choice for gold testing.


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ElvaX Jewelry Lab

Counter-top laboratory for the jewelry and precious metals analysis

ElvaX Basic

Cost effective benchtop EDXRF spectrometer for the basic applications

ProSpector 3

ProSpector 3

New generation portable, handheld XRF elemental analyzer

Gold Concentration Analysis for Different Forms

Determining gold concentration has never been easier with the help of portable XRF analyzers. You can quickly and accurately scan various forms of gold, including gold bullion, gold ore, and jewelry. This progressive technology eliminates the need to worry about the shape of the gold piece, as the portable gun can analyze gold in any format, making it both convenient and versatile.

Our Equipment for Testing Gold

ProSpector 2

This XRF analyzer is proven, reliable, and easy to use. Its advanced technology and precise mathematical algorithms provide quick and high-quality measurements. Additionally, it has an intuitive interface and high accuracy.

ProSpector 3

A more recent handheld model of X-ray fluorescence analyzer, the ProSpector 3 brings improved analysis accuracy, speed, and detection limits. It is the smallest and lightest XRF gun available, with a user-friendly software interface. Its algorithms are applicable in various fields, including alloys, precious metals, archeometry, plastics, and gold.

ElvaX Geo

The ElvaX Geo is a compact and economical energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometer that is perfect for both qualitative and quantitative analysis of solids, liquids, and powders.

ElvaX Jewelry Lab

This device is specifically designed for analyzing jewelry and precious metals. It provides results in just a few seconds and displays the findings in percentages and carats. Additionally, it can easily detect coatings and non-standard alloys. It is controlled through a built-in computer with a touchscreen display or software on a personal computer. The device also includes a balance and built-in printer for printing analytical certificates, indicating the chemical composition, weight, and even the price of the product. It can be used in any environment, allowing users to test gold at home with ease, making it an ideal benchtop gold testing machine. Choosing any of these Elvatech XRF analyzers ensures affordability and effectiveness.




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