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Analysis of Lead in paint

It is widely known that lead is a harmful and toxic chemical element and can cause issues with the central nervous system. Inspection of lead in paint on drawing attention is regulated by governmental institutions. Lead has hazardous effects for children and adults. Mostly, that concerns those who work as construction workers, experts in demolition and renovation.

Lead may cause cancer by inhalation and damage to organs (lung, respiratory system, blood, kidney, liver, nervous system etc). Because of that, concentration of lead is controlled by X-ray fluorescent analysers Elvatech all over the world for safety reasons.

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ProSpector 3

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The Industry Standard for Lead Paint Inspection with Elvatech XRF analysers

XRF lead tester Elvatech successfully inspects lead concentration in accordance with the industry standard. Such an inspection is critically important when checking any place compliance with the EPA`s RRP standards. This technology has improved the inspection greatly due to great experience of Elvatech scientists striving to better every day.


XRF Analyzers Elvatech for lead analysis in paint

Both benchtop as well as portable XRF lead-based paint spectrometers comply with all standards for lead analysis. Elvatech analysers demonstrate great variety, functionality and accuracy of results which means that they are very effective instruments.

Portable XRF guns for Lead Testing

Elvatech designed 2 portable analysers which can test concentration of lead in paint:

  • ProSpector 2
  • ProSpector 3

ProSpector 2 is one of the most accurate analyzers on the market which is proved by time. This instrument shows concentration of lead in seconds due to the advanced hardware and software. It is a portable laboratory in your hand anywhere anytime.
Incredibly fast analysis is provided due to Elvatech own development – Dynamically Adaptive Shaping (DAS) DPP. Its digiX-40 X-ray tube which demonstrates stability, combined with automat adjustments of barometer and temperature to provide great precision (repeatability) and very accurate analysis.

One of the main benefits of ProSpector 2:

  • More than 10 hours of work on one battery charge
  • Protective shield above the detector
  • Easy and cheap maintenance without special tools
  • Patented ElvaX TM software for PC to view chemical results

This is a perfect choice for chemical analysis of lead in paint because of incredible speed, repeatability and accuracy.

ProSpector 3 is a newer, advanced model with important improvements. The highly portable XRF analyser for lead testing is the most lightweight and the fastest spectrometer on the market.

Other benefits include:

  • Macro and micro-view CCD cameras
  • Advanced stability of calibration and adjustment to temperature and pressure
  • Radiation safety due to special design
  • 16 hours of work on one battery charge
  • Protective detector shield

Due to above mentioned advanced hardware and software, ProSpector3 demonstrates faster and more accurate analysis of lead concentration than ProSpector2.

Portable XRF spectrometers for lead-Based paint analysis

Lead in paint can be inspected with ElvaXMobile, which is a portable laboratory designed with a special chamber for safe analysis of samples. Advanced hardware with a large measurement spot and a graphene window SDD detector allows to make fast and accurate results close to the lab with high resolution. All the results can be easily synchronized with PC via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB. This instrument allows to test concentration of lead in paint in accordance with industry standards. Safety chamber allows to test samples in soil cups without harmful effects on XRF operator.

Benchtop XRF spectrometer for analysis of Lead-Based Paint

For accurate and close to lab analysis we can also recommend the ElvaX Basic model, which is quite compact and an affordable spectrometer for quantitative and qualitative (calibrated) chemical analysis of powders, liquids or solid materials. This spectrometer is suitable for production and laboratory measurements with user-friendly software for novice XRF operators for accurate and fast chemical analysis of lead in paint.




FAQ. Lead in Paint
The most common questions with answers about chemical analysis of lead in paint using XRF spectrometer:
Canada has banned lead contests in paint back in the day. Though lead can still be present in modern road paints for markings. That is why many companies try to find less or non-harmful paints.
Lead is a very toxic chemical element which causes serious health problems. In some time, paint starts to chip or sand off and one can inhale these particles which is very harmful. For this reason, that is required to measure lead concentration when redecoration or demolition. Even small concentration of lead may cause cognitive power, attention, behavior or dementia.
X-ray fluorescent spectrometer is the easiest and fastest way to get accurate analysis of lead in paint. Please, contact us to find out which model suits best for your application.
It is recommended to test hazardous dust and other particles at old houses for lead concentration in old paint. The most common and easiest way to do that is XRF analysis, which shows lead concentration in samples in seconds.
Lead can be present in paint of some toys (usually, cheap or old ones). Children can inhale the lead vapors in their respiratory system and that is why it is critically important to scan toys for the content of hazardous elements.
ELVATECH spectrometers allow every single customer to make fast and accurate analysis of lead concentration in paint with portable or benchtop models.
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