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Positive Material Identification (PMI)

Positive Material Identification (PMI) is the authentication of different materials with non-destructive analysis of such materials as steel, alloys etc. It is used to define chemical composition of alloys, ores, soils, minerals and other liquid and powder samples. This technology is used for different applications, various research, and academic laboratories worldwide due to fast and accurate analysis. Portable XRF spectrometers are widely used for PMI analysis in various industries.

XRF analysis for PMI Identification

X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) is an effective and the most precise analytical method used widely for material identification. The accuracy of measurement is impressive. In addition to that, the features of XRF PMI analysis make it one of the cheapest methods which is very important for commercial industries. There is no need for expensive sample preparations, but just cleaning the surface only.

For example, metal samples may look identical, though can have different values due to their component composition. Identification of alloy’s grade is important because of influence on resistance to heat and corrosion, as well as its overall durability. XRF analysis helps to avoid severe industrial consequences. A failure in mechanical integrity can cause serious consequences – such as stress corrosion cracking, weak welded joints, and, in a worst-case scenario, refinery explosions. With proper inspection, you can confirm that every part used in your production meets safety regulations and all replacement parts are of the proper alloy grade – thus eliminating catastrophic safety failures.

XRF spectrometers for Positive Material Identification were designed by Elvatech based for excellent collaboration, stability, compensation of ambient temperature, and pressure influence. All instruments and devices are safe for usage because the dose rate of X-rays do not exceed the natural background at a distance of 10 cm from the surface at all available points of the machine.

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XRF analysers Elvatech can define alloy grades of numerous base alloys

Spectrometers Elvatech were designed for PMI testing and are proved by its convenience in usage, precision and accuracy of chemical analysis and identification. Portable XRF analysers Elvatech for PMI have a large library in storage for positive materials identification. This library includes 2 folders: one includes standard internation alloy grades and another one for adding customer grades. Magnesium and aluminum alloys, stainless and carbon steels, solders, titanium and nickel alloys, copper alloys, brasses and bronzes, zinc and cobalt alloys, low alloy steels, and so on. There is a large list of various materials for PMI analysers for fast and accurate identification.

Portable X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometer for PMI

For simple and convenient usage of XRF spectrometers, Elvatech has designed portable PMI XRF “guns”. With these instruments, you have a real time laboratory in your hands. That helps one to make chemical analysis of the finished product or even hard-to-reach welds, without spoiling its surface or integrity. The quality of the testing Elvatech guns are considered to be as high quality analysers which are characterized by a high speed of operations, reliable, highest stability and measurement precision and accuracy. Combining together all the advantages of portable PMI XRF analyzers Elvatech, one receives the best instrument available for chemical analysis on the market. Elvatech has designed two models of PMI analysers – ProSpector2 and ProSpector3. ProSpector2 demonstrates incredibly high speed with above 500,000 CPS count rate (which is the best feature on the market), which is why one gets fast and accurate analysis in seconds. Advanced battery capacity allows the use of a spectrometer for 10 hours without interruption. Such features allow you to do the job without wasting time on recharging batteries. This PMI X-ray spectrometer can be was designed with proper detector protection and radiation safety feature – IR Proximity sensors detect low counts of characteristic lines from samples and stop analysis to avoid unnecessary radiation to XRF operator. The advanced Elvax PC Software combined with Bluetooth printer will simplify and speed up your workflows and export of results. ProSpector3 is a portable spectrometer proved by time as the world’s fastest, the most precise and the smallest analyser. In addition to that, it has an automatic collimator changer specialized for small spot analysis from 2 to 10 mm for jewelry, welds and RoHS directive analysis. And the most unique feature of ProSpector3 is IP67 certification, which makes it the most robust and reliable analyser for hard environment conditions, water and dust resistant. ProSpector3 can be opened underwater. Folding display allows this instrument to be more convenient for the working environment. Combined with laboratory stand, there is no need for the PC connection, which makes operation easier. Moreover, there is a USB, WIFI, and Bluetooth connection, along with a MicroSD Socket.