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Precious Metals Analysis with XRF Technology

Metals Analysis
The use of precious metals goes far beyond just jewelry making. They are also utilized in electronics, lab equipment, banking, and medicine. To ensure that these metals meet the required standards for their specific use, they must undergo analysis. XRF analyzers designed for precious metals analysis can determine the elemental composition of alloys and identify any additional layers on the surface. This information is critical as it can impact the strength, corrosion resistance, and ductility of the metal. XRF technology is an effective tool for conducting this type of analysis.

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XRF Technology for Precious Metals Analysis

X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) technology is currently the most reliable and efficient method to determine the composition of precious metals. It offers several advantages over traditional analysis methods, such as:

  • No loss or destruction of the metal being analyzed
  • The analyzed item remains intact and doesn’t change in weight or form
  • Quick and accurate results with a full report available in just a few seconds
  • Ability to analyze objects of various sizes and shapes
  • All-component XRF testing for precious metals without prolonging the procedure
  • Detection of harmful elements like Ir, Cd, Ru, and Pb, as well as coatings such as gliding
  • No consumables required
  • No preparation of the objects needed for the analysis

Elvatech's Equipment for Precious Metal Testing

In order to fully benefit from XRF technology for precious metal analysis, it is important to choose the right equipment. Elvatech has been continuously improving its analytical instrumentation since 1991, providing high speed, accuracy, and precise analysis of all common precious metals. The range of equipment is impressive, with several models available for everyone’s needs, whether handheld or benchtop. Elvatech also provides quick and effective technical support to adjust products according to specific requirements. Their analyzers cover both precious and non-precious metals and are used in a variety of industries, from art to mining. Elvatech not only creates precious metal testing equipment, but also offers solutions to analytical problems.

What Types of Precious Metals can be Analyzed Using Elvatech’s Equipment

Elvatech’s equipment is designed to analyze a variety of precious metals, including but not limited to

  • gold (Au),
  • silver (Ag),
  • platinum (Pt),
  • Pt group metals (PGM).

XRF Gun for Precious Metal Analysis

Elvatech’s latest innovation, the ProSpector 3, is a highly portable and user-friendly handheld XRF analyzer. This XRF gun is not only effective for precious metals but also works well for analyzing alloys, soils, plastics, and more. It offers the following outstanding features:

  • High accuracy
  • High speed, as it is the fastest analyzer on the market thanks to the Fast SDD detector and
  • Dynamically Adaptive Shaping (DAS) DPP
  • Stability, as the gun uses automatic temperature and barometer correction and the digiX-50 source, eliminating the need for re-calibration before each use
  • Water and dust resistance
  • Folding display for convenience
  • Up to 16 hours of work on a single charge
  • Macro- and micro-view options available due to
  • CCD cameras
  • High connectivity to a PC via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB.

Benchtop XRF Analyzers for Precious Metals

Elvatech offers two exceptional benchtop XRF analyzers for precious metals analysis. The ElvaX Basic is a fantastic option for those seeking a compact, durable, accurate, and affordable machine with sophisticated software. It’s perfect for analyzing all the common types of precious metals and can also handle other materials. This precious metal analyzer provides fast and stable results through its unique combination of technologies, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced users. The ElvaX Basic is known for

  • its high efficiency,
  • reasonable price,
  • compact size, ergonomic design,
  • advanced software.

ElvaX Jewelry Lab is designed for a specific purpose, providing fast and accurate analysis of precious metals with minimal space requirements. With the ElvaX software installed, results can be viewed on a PC screen. The analyzer is equipped with a CCD camera that can target any spot and provide a detailed report, and it can detect non-standard alloys and coatings in just seconds. Additionally, the printer and scales can produce certificates with precise weight, composition, and metal price information. This XRF analyzer is also known for its high speed, autonomous operation, easy-to-use interface, and ergonomic design, making it a popular choice among users who demand efficiency and convenience.

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