ELVATECH Transforms Exploration at AME Roundup 2024: Revolutionary XRF Analyzer in Canada Sets New Standards for Speed, Precision and Limits of Detection

In January 2024, the ELVATECH team made a significant breakthrough at the AME Roundup international exhibition in Vancouver by unveiling their latest portable XRF analyzer ELVATECH for chemical analysis. 


These innovative devices not only showcase cutting-edge technologies in the field of exploration and mining but also establish new benchmarks for analysis speed and efficiency.


A pivotal technical feature of the ELVATECH analyzers is their ability to count up to 500,000 pulses per second, which is 3-4 times faster than similar devices on the market, while maintaining excellent detection limits for all chemical elements from Mg to U. This high counting rate allows for faster and more efficient chemical analysis.


At our booth at the AME Roundup 2024, the advantages of using ELVATECH analyzers were demonstrated on standard samples, where the incredible speed of analysis and superior detection limits were vividly showcased.


For further engagement and to showcase ELVATECH’s continued presence in the industry, consider adding a section inviting readers to visit your booth at the upcoming PDAC Trade Show in Toronto, highlighting the opportunity for live demonstrations and direct interaction with your cutting-edge technology.


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